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On Back App 2.0 you sit with your feet on a footrest padded with a soft damping material. The sitting position and the gentle motion ensure a wonderful sitting experience. This is a chair that gives you something extra.


The gentle movement of the Back App exercises the muscles that support the spine. The movement when sitting on the Back App comes about because you constantly have to balance yourself.

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How to use Back App


Watch the video to find the optimal office chair posture with your Back App.


Technical specifications

  • The new frame is made from 99.9% recycled die-cast aluminum and is available in a Silver Grey, Black Grey and Polished finish.
  • The ball is moulded onto a tube that can be screwed into and out of the aluminum frame to control the tilt of the chair.
  • A tilt indicator with green and red color is integrated with this tube.
  • A stop function prevents the ball from being removed.
  • Damping material is attached with double sided tape that improves adhesion with use.
  • To simplify chair choice Back App 2.0 only comes with one lift height. See the dimensions on the drawing.
  • The seat is slightly smaller and neater than before and has a rounder shape with a central slot to  reduce pressure in the prostate area.

The seat comes with the following fabrics:


Nordic Wool - Felt wool
Alcantara - Composite Materials
Skai Palma - Breathable synthetic leather
Elmosoft - Leather


Explanation of article numbers


Example 1008A9400-9006-0


The first 4 digits are the type of fabric on the seat


• 1010 / Nordic Wool
• 1008 / Alcantara
• 1005 / Skai
• 7702 / Elmosoft


Next letter is A:


• This means Back App Model 2.0 (Aluminium)


The next digit is the color code on the fabric, eg.


• 9400 Black Alcantara


Next digits / letters are type of base:


• 9006 / Silver Grey. Comes standard with red ball
• 7021 / Black Grey. Comes standard with black ball
 • POL / Polished Aluminium. Comes standard with black ball


The next digit is the color of the ball:


• - 0 / Red Ball
• - 1 / Black Ball


Back App Wheels


Is made from 99.9% recycled ingot-molded aluminum and comes in Silver Grey. Is suitable for all Back App 2.0 and all Back App Office chairs. Place the Back App chair centrally on the Back App Wheels.


Back App 2.0 and Back App Wheels are assembled in Anderstorp in southern Sweden and almost all parts are produced within a 20km radius.


The function of Back App and the effects on the body are well documented in scientific studies. Back App 2.0 provides the same excellent benefits as the original Back App chair.




• Back App is tested at the accredited furniture testing facilities:


Mechanical safety and durabilty

Mechanical test acc to ansibifma x5-1


• All Back App products have gone through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and are certified with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).



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