Sit to get fit

Balance on
the Magic Ball

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Back App chairs are made to exercise your back supporting muscles (core muscles) while you are sitting. With Back App you get the same type of natural core muscle exercise as when you ride a bike, paddle a kayak, ride a horse or take a walk in the forest.

Effects are proven
in scientific studies

By balancing safely on the adjustable Magic Ball with your feet on the footplate you will:

  • sit more upright with less effort
  • burn more energy while
    balancing on the Magic Ball
  • exercise your core muscles


Back App effects are studied in scientific studies done by the best scientists on the best universities in the world. Results are published in scientific journals like Manual Therapy and Ergonomics. Read more...

This just in!

Let us introduce the all new Back app 360:

Read more about the Back App 360 here...

  • By balancing on the Magic Ball with your feet on the footplate, the gentle movements exercise your back supporting muscles.
  • Your energy consumption increases by 19% – as much as when standing.
  • You loose 4 kg bodyfat by sitting on Back App for a year.
  • You can vary the amount of balance training by adjusting the Magic Ball.
  • 364 physiotherapists and chiropractors have tested Back App. 98,1% of them said that patients with back problems would benefit from sitting on Back App!
  • No more back pain!

The users love Back App

I have a backapp chair in my clinic and recommend out to many patients with lower back,neck problems as well as headaches and stiff shoulders. Its a great chair to help with improving posture and more people should be using them. I would happily recommend patients to Mike as I know he will give great customer service and is very knowledgeable and professional.

Gillian Brown, Clinic Manager

Mike was straightforwardly helpful in getting me the opportunity to try out the Back App, and I like the product, well thought out, aesthetic design and high quality finish.

Charles Dean, Owner, Stroke Rehabilitation Ltd

Received a BackApp Chair as a prize from winnning a competition during the IEHF WEP conference in London. Thoroughly impressed with the chair and how helpful Mike was in the assembly but also the de-assemble of the chair for easy moving of it. Will hopefully be in contact soon with Mike again.

Matthew Gill, Student in Loughborough University
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Additional products


Back App Wheels


It is easy to upgrade the Back App to be mobile. Just add Wheels. The comfort of the original design is retained but with the ability to move the chair on the floor.

Read more about Back App Wheels.


Back App 360

The revolutionary new balance board using the patented Back App technology. Adjustable precisely to the desired imbalance. Comfortable and easy to use. Equally applicable to both the office and training.

Read more about Back App 360.

Dr. Freddy Johnsen invented
the Back App chair and got a healthy back!

After years of back problems from sitting on standard ergonomic office chairs with backrests and armrests I had to endure several back operations. After the second surgery I hit upon the idea of the Back App; a new way of making an ergonomic chair.

Now I use the Back App as the only office chair in my daily work. The exercise from sitting on the Back App has changed my life. It is part of my daily exercise to take care of my back. I am healthy again and can sit at my desk with no problems.

From scientific studies it is evident that the Back App ergonomic office chair has the potential to remove back problems. For me it was the most important part of getting rid of back problems. The scientists confirm the experience of thousands of Back App users; sitting on the Back App gets rid of back pains.

– Dr. Freddy Johnsen