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    The base is made from 100% recycled aluminium (300 Coke cans). The bulk of production and all assembly are carried out locally in Anderstorp (Sweden)

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    Are you also sitting 13.7 hours a day?

    When you eat, commute, work, watch television or visit friends

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    Avoid sitting disease
    -is it possible?

    You do not use your body! Your job does not need your body; only your brain!

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Dr. Freddy Johnsen invented the
Back App chair and got a healthy back!

After years of back problems from sitting on standard ergonomic office chairs with backrests and armrests I had to endure several back operations. After the second surgery I hit upon the idea of the Back App; a new way of making an ergonomic chair.
Now I use the Back App as the only office chair in my daily work. The exercise from sitting on the Back App has changed my life. It is part of my daily exercise to take care of my back. I am healthy again and can sit at my desk with no problems.
From scientific studies it is evident that the Back App ergonomic office chair has the potential to remove back problems. For me it was the most important part of getting rid of back problems. The scientists confirm the experience of thousands of Back App users; sitting on the Back App gets rid of back pains


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