Burn more energy while balancing on the Magic Ball

Fifteen healthy people sat still for 1 hour and watched a video while sitting on the Backapp with the ball in the medium challenge position. Then they sat for 1 hour on an ordinary office chair with a backrest and armrests. Energy expenditure increased significantly (p=0,001) while they were using the Backapp. The average increase was 19%. It is well documented in the scientific literature that a standing position increases energy consumption by 15%. Thus, sitting still on the Backapp with the ball in the medium challenge position, increased energy consumption to the same level as when standing. If you sit on the Backapp 8 hours a day for 230 days, you will burn 27,600 kcal more than when sitting on an ordinary office chair. 27,600 kcal is approximately equivalent to 4 kg of body fat.

In paper

Ergonomics (volume 60, Issue 10)."The effect of a dynamic chair on seated energy expenditure." Aoife Synnott, Wim Dankaerts, Jan Seghers, Helen Purtill & Kieran O’Sullivan 2017

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