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User experiences (Testimonials)

There are a number of ergonomic office chair reviews to be read online. Are they trustworthy? The Back App users have made their own ergonomic chair review in which 76 % said that they had experienced significant positive health effects by sitting on Back App. Here you can see why users want to recommend the Back App as an excellent office chair.

I have a backapp chair in my clinic and recommend out to many patients with lower back,neck problems as well as headaches and stiff shoulders. Its a great chair to help with improving posture and more people should be using them. I would happily recommend patients to Mike as I know he will give great customer service and is very knowledgeable and professional.
Gillian Brown, Clinic Manager
Mike was straightforwardly helpful in getting me the opportunity to try out the Back App, and I like the product, well thought out, aesthetic design and high quality finish.
Charles Dean, Owner, Stroke Rehabilitation Ltd
Received a BackApp Chair as a prize from winnning a competition during the IEHF WEP conference in London. Thoroughly impressed with the chair and how helpful Mike was in the assembly but also the de-assemble of the chair for easy moving of it. Will hopefully be in contact soon with Mike again.
Matthew Gill, Student in Loughborough University
Like so many professionals, I spend more time than I'd like to think in front of a computer/laptop etc. The trick is getting the right chair - which I've now done through The Back App ergonomic chair. No more back pain, stiff neck & shoulders.. It's helped my posture tremendously and makes me feel very positive about my business as I'm always sitting up nice and tall. Thanks Mike!
Christine Brown-Quinn, Managing Director
After trying many chairs and stools, I chose to buy the Back app stool. Best for comfort, ergonomics design and style. No complicated adjustments. One fits all so you can share it with everybody! Love it and so do my clients who bought it!
Murielle Carrasco, Pilates teacher
Mike came to my house to drop off the Backapp stool and desk for me to trial in my home office for a couple of weeks. The stool is a much more stylish alternative to the typical 'Pilates ball' you see being shared across a lot of offices in the UK. Not only does it look good, but it's a great core work out too!. The desk is fantastic. I have had spinal surgery myself and a stand up desk is a very important office tool. I would recommend it to anyone who has to sit all day.
Rachael Carter, Independent Marketing Consultant
Cycling to work every day is great exercise but not so great for my legs when sitting at the desk all day. The Back App chair helped to open my posture and keep me moving. The result was more flexibility, not such tight legs and no back ache. Just wish I had come across Back App years ago!
Andy Mather
What I like about the backapp chair is that it is different and makes one aware of how there are alternative ways, often simple, of undertaking an ordinary activity. In this case the result is extraordinary - for the assignments of reading, writing and computing are approached from a position that gives control. You feel in charge and on top of the task, which brings a vital element into the process - confidence.
John Humphries, Editor & Publisher
Following a back injury where sitting without discomfort was impossible. Thanks to Mike and his efficient service, the ideal spec Back App was quickly sourced, which facilitated my rehabilitation and ongoing comfortable seating. A truly life changing product.
Sharon Hunt, Beauty Therapist
I suffer from hip problems due to a fall which has caused a hip to seize up and therefore some curving of the spine to counteract the imbalance has occured. I was given the Back App on loan through work and am happy to report great success. It released so much pressure and stress on my back and even started to correct the imbalance. Highly recommended.
Georgina Millington
I was lucky enough to win my chair at the NBE conference in 2012 and I love it! A number of my colleagues have been and had a try of it and rather liked it too so when I was to have 6 weeks off work; I took my chair home to prevent anyone pinching it in my absence. Whilst at home I found that even my cats loved it and wouldn't let anyone else get a look in!!! The general response from people trying my chair is usually "ooh that's nice; wouldn't you like to give it to me?"
Tracy Day, Back Care Advisor
I've trialled a BackApp chair for a month at my home office and I really like it. It's made me determined to fix my back once and for all. No point in having chiropractic and physio treatment if not changing the daily stresses. I'm in the process of organising a workplace assessment with Occupational Health to convince them to provide me the same set up in the office as I spend 90% of my time there and it is noticeably worse than my home set up. I recommend people trying one out to see if it helps them.
Andy Lowe
Mike is one of my supplier. I have found him to be very reliable in all business aspects. He always provide the best possible service and information I needed.
Marcin Bozyk, Director at Back2 International
I discovered the Back App chair on a trip to Stockholm in 2010. It is one of the most recommended chairs for people like me -- those with neck and back injuries and pain who spend ridiculously long periods of time at the computer. Mike shipped two Back App chairs to me in a timely manner and the wired payment to his bank from the U.S. was easy thanks to his excellent instructions and communication. Not only do I recommend Mike for his thoughtful attention, but also the awesome Back App chair. For the first time in 20 years, even after 12 hours of work, I have very limited and manageable pain at the end of day. The popularity of the Herman Miller Aeron office chair here in the U.S. will be challenged once the Back App is available here!
Lesley Kushner, Owner + Designer at Kokomo Clothing
The Back App chair is great for sustaining good posture whilst seated. It supports the pelvis well and allows the natural tilt whilst keeping hips open and knees happy. The spine is encouraged into natural alignment and as a result the deep postural muscles of the back are recruited. The gentle motion allows the whole body to remain fluid and active, very important when sitting.
Angela Bradshaw, Alexander Technique teacher
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