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Avoid sitting disease – is it possible?

Keeps -you -in -constant

Definition of sitting disease 

Diseases because of sitting still:

  • Muscular skeleton diseases
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Cardio Vascular diseases
  • Early death

You do not use your body! Your job does not need your body; only your brain!

Back App is a training apparatus - and a chair. You exercise while sitting
Back App - movement all the time!
Back App moves you; all of you! With the feet at the footplate you keep the balance.
The challenge is adjustable; if you want more training - screw the ball down! 


Sedentary Behavior - Too much sitting appears to be a major health risk  - or - get off your fatty acids
Research mounts to show 'sitting is the new smoking'
Sitting is the New Smoking- Even for Runners
Do you have 'sitting disease'?
Too Much TV May Have Deadly Toll
Too much time sitting down may spell bad news for your health. Here are 8 ways to get out of your seat.
Are you sitting down? Your heart failure risk is higher
Patterns of sedentary time and cardiometabolic risk among Canadian adults.


Documentation - in scientific journals

  • Lordosis in your back - The sitting position is as when you stand
  • Interval training
  • Less back pain - Significant reduction

Manual Therapy (Volume 17, Issue 6) Pages 566-571
"Can we reduce the effort of maintaining a neutral sitting posture? A pilot study". Kieran O'Sullivan, Raymond McCarthy, Alison White, Leonard O'Sullivan & Wim Dankaerts 2012.

Ergonomics (Volume 55, Issue 12) pages 1586-1595
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Ergonomics (Volume 56, Issue 4) pages 650-658
"Specific flexion-related low back pain and sitting: comparison of seated discomfort on two different chairs" Mary O'Keeffe, Wim Dankaerts, Peter O'Sullivan, Leonard O'Sullivan & Kieran O'Sullivan 2013.

Ongoing studies;
No obesity; you burn more calories when you sit on Back App
Concentration studies; You are more concentrated when you sit on Back App

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