Ergonomics is the scientific discipline of designing according to human need. Ergonomics at the workplace makes sure that every individual has a comfortable and efficient work position, which allows for movement as appropriate. This can help prevent muscular and skeletal problems, which are a substantial drain to society costing billions of pounds every year. A large amount of these problems and this cost is from bad workplace ergonomics.


Different types of work give different ergonomic challenges. In jobs involving heavy lifting, one can reduce the risks of injury by using specialized equipment. However, for most people, heavy lifts and hard manual labour are not representative of a normal day at work. More than half of the workforce sits for most of their workday. Thus, office ergonomics is to a large extent defined by the office chair you sit on and is now a very important part of healthy, workplace ergonomics.

The Back App chair will provide a dynamic sitting position that increases the blood flow and has both preventive and soothing impact on back pain. - Our surveys show that most of our customers use their Back App at work, and as much as 80% have experienced a positive health effect from sitting on the chair. This shows that the Back App chair can contribute to an environment with better workplace ergonomics.

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